The importance of adequate and precise drainage is paramount in landscape design and construction.  Colao Stone studies the existing topography and works in new topography for the proposed new development. This ensures that the designers choose the ideal spot for your new living space where excess water and moisture don't stand a chance.

Many shortcomings in landscape construction are due to poor stormwater management which includes grading and drain issues.  These failures can affect the engineering properties of materials such as cracks in concrete work or simply the pooling of water in certain areas.  Plant overwatering and drowning can be prevented by designing the most appropriate and efficient stormwater management system. 

During the planning of each project, Colao Stone ensures that properly sloped drains including trench drains, area drains and other catch basins will be used to circulate and move the water to desired locations such as a retention basin or pond.  We are also experts in infiltration trench construction which ensures the construction of proper collection areas in accordance with all area regulations.