July 31, 2013: Oakton Residence Completed

It all started when we were invited to look at a “simple” pool renovation project. We visited a couple’s home where weeds had taken over the planting areas, flagstone steps were loose and tripping hazards were abundant.  The owner was “tired of making up games with his children to swim underwater to see how many broken and fallen pool tiles they could collect.”

After an initial meeting to understand the parameters of the project, the client, having seen our prior work, gave us carte blanche (an open canvas) to redesign the exterior space around his lake views as well as renovate an existing pool and spa.  The final plan included removing all existing retaining walls and concrete decking in order to create larger spaces to accommodate the new usage of the space. 

We presented the plan to the client and he decided that he loved the plan so much that he also wanted to include an addition he was dreaming of as well as a three car garage and a design showroom for his wife.   With a slight redesign to incorporate all the structures, we began construction on all three areas simultaneously, using similar elements to tie all the spaces together.


The client chose travertine as the decking material which would be used throughout the pool deck, pool house and bathroom walls, giving the spaces a spa-like feeling throughout the project.  All of the stone was imported directly from Turkey where a custom light blend with matching borders and wall caps was used for the project. Entirely custom radius pieces with various thicknesses were cut at the factory, including 3” thick pier caps and 6” thick solid tread materials for natural lawn steps.   

A tight joint Western Maryland Wall stone was used for all of the retaining and seat walls to add a natural feel.  Waterfalls were then added to the pool and spa to create some movement and life to the pool decking.  


With so much brick and structure right next to the pool deck it was important to make the deck as “light” and natural as possible.  We also wanted to create more depth and interesting spaces that still felt lush and serene considering all the masonry that surrounded the space.

Sitting on a substantial hill, there were also significant issues with drainage on the property.  Several infiltration trenches were built as well as multiple retaining walls to allow proper drainage to occur.  Cognizant of the cost associated with retaining walls, we incorporated various wall materials, including paver walls for less exposed areas and stone retaining walls in more exposed decorative walls. 

We contended with the ever-changing parameters of the projects.  Starting off with a pool and spa remodel, the project morphed and grew into a project involving the addition of a wing to the house encompassing a master suite and pool house as well as a 1500 square foot 3-car garage.