Every great project begins with a great design.  At Colao & Peter, we have licensed landscape architects and staff designers to help with all stages of design.  Before any kind of design begins, our experienced landscape architects will meet with the client to discuss the client's wants and needs as well as walk through the property to gather information and take a few site pictures to work from. During our first meeting with a prospective client, we listen and gather as much information as possible to create the best design possible that pleases both the client and the architect.  From initial concept plans to project renderings and 3D models, we employ the use of all the newest programs and techniques available to ensure the project can be precisely built, all while working with a design and budget that the client is satisfied with.


Design Consultation:

We start our process with a simple design consultation. During this meeting, we understand the client's vision while also studying their current landscape conditions, allowing us to formulate a few possible directions under the scope they have outlined. It is important that we gather as much information as possible from the client in order to design to the client's wants and needs.


Conceptual Plans: 

We begin every project with a conceptual plan which allows us to show the client what we are proposing in a plan view.  These plans are simple designs (often multiple concepts are presented) that allow us to present the client with a few rough but detailed concepts, while ensuring that the client is pleased with the initial design direction. From here, we flesh out the design and continue to design into deeper detail.


Detailed Designs and 3Ds: 

After an approved concept plan, we begin the full design drawings, which often include 3D models and include detailed drawings of all aspects of the project.  3D designs are included in our design fee and we have found that clients love to see "their backyard" in 3D and are able to visualize the final product more easily. Also, during this phase we look at material choices and use our vast background in construction and natural stone to show the client the options that might work best for their project and their budget.


Final Design Documents & Construction

Final design documents are finalized after a fully designed concept has been approved by the client. We are able to create all construction documents in-house and build off of those plans, therefore not requiring any outside drafters or consultants. Our project supervisors and managers now begin the layout, the most crucial phase of the construction process. With Colao Stone's experience (VA Class A license and licensed home improvement contract in Maryland) we make sure that all phases of construction are built to the most exacting standards and constantly inspected by every level of the company, including the designing architect and partners in the firm.

Conceptual Plan

3D Design

Rendered Master Plan